With the support of

European Union
CHDI Foundation, New York, USA
Fondazione Telethon Onlus, Italy
Fondazione Cariplo, Italy
Regione Lombardia, Italy
Ministero della Salute, Italia
Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della Ricerca, Italia
Associazione Italiana Ricerca sul Cancro (A.I.R.C.), Italia
Huntington’s Disease Society of America (H.D.S.A.), New York, USA
Hereditary Disease Foundation (H.D.F.), Santa Monica, California, USA
Alzheimer’Association, Chicago, USA
We thank the Rigamonty family (Ghirla-Varese, Italy) for their kind permission to use pictures of their watermill, which has worked continuously since 1785.

A special thank you

to all families of the patients suffering from Huntington’s disease for their trust and affection

Outreach & Dissemination Activities

The lab is strongly committed to outreach and dissemination activities, believing that public engagement is an essential part of our academic role. These activities take place in the context of European projects such as EuroStemCell (, NeuroStemcell and Neurostemcellrepair as well as within the UniStem Centre.

The lab personnel take part in informative activities dedicated to patients and their families. The lab actively and constantly interacts with professionals from other fields of knowledge such as philosophy, bioethics, law, sociology, history of medicine, and anthropology. This is because of the social and cultural implications of our research, as well as the interest of some researchers in the laboratory in widening the perspective of their work through exchange with other disciplines.

Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology and Pharmacology of Neurodegenerative Diseases